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Yamazaki Sousuke Plushie by hiyoko-chan
Yamazaki Sousuke Plushie

I’m really 50/50 on the turnout of this plush, I have so much to revise on my human pattern (not to mention it irritates me I cant find a good selection of skin tone fabrics).  I bought a few pairs of colored iris’ and figured I’d give it a shot to see what a human plush would look like with it.  

The kanji on his jacket was originally supposed to be embroidered but I’m waiting to get my program for my machine to do custom designs so i was limited to katakana (so i painted it instead aaaaah).

The only success story that came out of this was the hair; first time doing felt strands! Took 2 hours to do whoop whoop.  I really wanted to do dark brown but that was definitely no where to be found in the right kind of felt, so black it is!

Why the sad face Sousuke?  You’ll have a buddy soon.

Sousuke Plushie by Teeny at TotallyToasty

Behemoth Heartless Plush - Kingdom Hearts by hiyoko-chan
Behemoth Heartless Plush - Kingdom Hearts
Whoo! What a big little guy! This is the second largest plush I've made (right after Palmon) for a commission.  I'm mostly unhappy with this turnout only because the zigzag pattern prevented me from revising anything; so I had to trust my drafting skills on this one.  It wasn't too bad a turnout it's the mostly the size of the arms did not come out the way I had hoped but he still resembles the big ol' bull heartless :D

Behemoth Heartless Plush by Teeny at Totally Toasty
Harry Potter Howler by hiyoko-chan
Harry Potter Howler

Harry Potter Inspired Wedding Gifts Part 2

Customized wedding Howler made for the therestlesscosplay‘s wedding!  Although it has such an unpleasant expression the message is very cheery!  Howler pattern was made and assembled by me.  Wedding letter was tea-stained and cut into those delightful chompers.  The howler was displayed on a clear acrylic photo base to help give the illusion of floating when paired with its accompanying letter.  The letter is actually a record-able greeting card that when opened screams the wedding message!  The card was “re-engineered” with a tea stained envelope and sealed with a Hogwarts wax seal.

Harry Potter Wands And Ollivander Boxes by hiyoko-chan
Harry Potter Wands And Ollivander Boxes

Harry Potter Inspired Wedding Gifts Part 1

Completely customized HP wands for the lovely therestlesscosplay wedding.  The wands were designed by me and hand made by OrchardWorks.  The bride’s wand is a Cherry spiral base wand with Phoenix Feather core; the groom’s wand is Willow octagonal base wand with Dragon Heartstring core.  Wand boxes were cut and assembled by me along with Ollivander labels printed on gold foil sticker label.  The wands were wrapped in packaging paper and sealed with an official Hogwarts wax seal to be “forwarded” to the owners after its delivery owl became lost in transit.

Whoa my last journal was almost a year ago lol.  If you're interested in seeing more work from Ari and I we post a lot on our Facebook page!

Or if you have tumblr, my blog is a hodge podge of reblogs and occasional progress pics

Teeny on tumblr -

For plush commission requests please message me on our Facebook page, I keep track of all my commissions though there bowever at this time I am currently closed through winter.
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